One Minute

We can tell you about this opportunity in one minute. If you have one minute to spare, please read on.

If not, please come back when you can spare one minute.

If you want to earn an extra R 3 400 per month working 3 hours per day from month 1 or
R 13 680 per month in less than 18 months, you need to do three things -

Don't change. Keep on doing exactly what you already do such as referring those you know to restaurants and movies you like.

We show people how to save money via using the most advanced insect repellent available anywhere. This is a product that many use when the mozzies come out to bite! Great for other flying bugs too! Now, they can enjoy the superior user experience that this premium repellent offers.

Talk to three people per day and share your successful experience and offer them a bottle. At the end of three months, you could have 180 new customers, assuming two-thirds buy from you.

And that’s it. That’s all you have to do.

If you want to get going, see the page in this navbar on this site called “The 3 Minute Setup“. It will show you how to get up and running and earning in 3 minutes!

If you wish to see how we worked out the above commission calculation, download this .pdf file.

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