Receive Your Insect Repellent For

You can now receive the latest technology insect repellent delivered right to your door at no cost to you!
For nothing! Zero!

Simply refer someone you know that orders their insect repellent from this site and you receive cash back every time they order, for as long as they order!

Sign up as a Referrer (there are no sign up costs nor any monthly fees)

Login to your account and send each person you know your unique referral link via email, Whatsapp or Facebook.

They then click on your link and visit this website's home page. They make their product selection and order online. As they have used your unique referral link to make a purchase, all their purchases will be credited to you. That means we will transfer your referral commisison to you at the end of each month, and all your payments together with whom has purchased will be shown on your commission statement.


Assume you and your family use 2 bottles per month, you would purchase 6 x 100ml bottles via this website, to last you 3 months.

The purchase price is R55 per 100ml bottle plus door to door courier of R132, totalling 6 x R55 = 330 + R132 = R462.00. This amount divided by 3 months = R154 per month.

You earn a 25% referral sales commission (on the product excluding the delivery charge) for every order which is R330 x 25% = R82.50 in referral commission.

This means your own repellent costs you R154 per month (when buying 6x 100ml bottles) and you will receive a commission of R82.50 for every person you refer that also buys 6 x 100ml bottles.

Do this with two or more people you know per month and you will receive your “world class” insect repellent delivered to your door for free! (Read up more about the product via the home page on this site)

Tip: You don’t have to stop there. Refer 10 per month and turn your commission into a second income stream! Don’t forget, you earn EVERY time they order!

So what are you waiting for, to get going simply register via our affiliate website

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